Our Neighborhood

We appreciate that our plant’s expansion is a major event for the surrounding neighborhoods, and we will do our best to be good neighbors.

Care will be taken during construction to keep noise, dust, traffic and any other potential nuisances to a minimum. Updates will be distributed and public meetings will be held before and during the various construction phases of the project to receive feedback and share progress reports.

Our goal is to stay in touch with our neighbors throughout the project by regularly updating this website, holding public meetings, and utilizing social media. If you ever have a question or concern please contact us.




Property Impacts

Our Promise

We promise to do all we can to minimize the impact our expansion will have on the surrounding neighborhoods. Almost all of the construction will take place on City of Houston property, with most it occurring in the area adjoining the existing plant.

During construction we will position personnel on streets near the site to help with traffic control; water trucks will be utilized to hold down dust; fencing will be constructed to maximize safety; precautions will be taken to avoid construction-caused flooding, and once done, our goal is to leave the perimeter of the plant more attractive than when the project began.